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Twila Stone's Doll Shoppe Seminars for 2006.

The D.A.G. School of Dollmaking seminar program provides continuing
and higher education for porcelain doll makers. The D.A.G. IS THE OLDEST
It is the foremost
school of its kind, dedicated exclusively to the advancement, enjoyment
and education of porcelain doll makers

Twila is proud to announce the following D.A.G. Seminars for 2004.

She has sought out the best D.A.G. Instructors to teach each course.

March 16 - 19, 2006
Costuming Seminar Paris BeBe
Making the hat for Paris BeBe
March 20 can be a workshop day
Instructor, Ale Thor.

May 5 - 7, 2006
Flirty Eye Seminar

Making Rosalind and Dear Googley
Instructor, Joyce Condrey.


Pictures of the above seminars are available thru e-mail upon request.
If you want to be on the seminar list or mailing list ing at Twila's Doll Shoppe,
e-mail Twila.

Twila's Doll Shoppe is one of the top ten Seeley Doll Centers in the
United States, where you can find everything you need to complete
your porcelain doll. Also, check out the listing of over 900 dolls that
Twila has to offer. If you do not see it contact Twila as new dolls
arrive every few weeks.

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